Project Partners

Oregon Coast Trail Management Team

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

  • Action Plan development
  • Open Houses
  • Annual Progress reports
  • Trail maintenance and construction on beaches, on OPRD-managed properties, and within state parks

Oregon Department of Transportation

  • Action Plan support
  • Oregon Coast Bike Route Planning
  • Gap solution input limited to roadway design alternatives and modifications

Association of Oregon Counties – County Solutions

  • Action Plan convening support
  • Segment Team discussions and work sessions
  • Segment Team Declarations of Cooperation

Oregon Solutions

  • Action Plan convening support
  • Statewide Landowner Team discussions and work sessions
  • Statewide Declarations of Cooperation

Oregon Coast Visitors Association

  • Action Plan support
  • OCT connections to local economies
  • Visitor experience and recreational tourism perspective and opportunities
  • Leverage resources for operations, maintenance, and volunteer training
  • Support partnership opportunities and cross-jurisdictional agency creation

Statewide Partners Group (Landowners)

US Forest Service
Bureau of Land Management
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Oregon Tribal Representatives
League of Oregon Cities representative
North Coast Segment representative
Central Coast Segment representative
South Coast Segment representative

North Coast Partners

Central Coast Partners

South Coast Partners

Partners are invited individuals who represent an organization or agency that owns or maintains property that may become part of the Oregon Coast Trail. Partners will sign a Declaration of Cooperation and commit to financial support for some aspect of  Oregon Coast Trail construction or maintenance.

Gap Working Groups

Gap working group members represent individuals and organizations with knowledge regarding potential gap solutions. These individuals work cooperatively to help identify potential gap solutions. User group representatives (hiking clubs, trail maintenance organizations), trail advocates, and private property owners may be involved at this level.